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yard of eggnog

Like a yard of ale, but more festive!
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Served with a big red bow.
Voice, Dec 10 2008

For [ye_river_xiv] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yard_(beer)
The original booze/distance matrix [theleopard, Dec 12 2008]

What is eggnog http://256.com/gray/recipes/eggnog/
[Voice, Dec 14 2008]


       Glug, glug, glug...... <thump>   

8th of 7, Dec 10 2008

       eggnog --> :)
phundug, Dec 10 2008

       Obviously a bad idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 10 2008

       Yard of Puke.
calum, Dec 11 2008

       Who'd drink that?
theleopard, Dec 11 2008

       I feel bilious just reading the idea [-]
coprocephalous, Dec 11 2008

       There are times when i think i should keep a list of standard HB responses, because once again i feel i should post:
nineteenthly, Dec 11 2008

       Getting wrecked on raw eggs. I guess you had to grow up with it to understand it.
wagster, Dec 11 2008

       One evening, during an early stage of my burgeoning youth (a long process - I yet await the day I can claim myself fully emburgeoned) - I consumed a bottle of Advocaat and a bowl of kumquats before dressing up in my Uncle's most nattiest flared suit and going to the pub. There, according to witnesses, I was seen conversing animatedly with a fruit-machine before going into a destructive Advocaat frenzy. A number of hours passed and we return to the scene of my strenuously testing the potency of my stomach acids against sink enamel. I remember being thwarted by the kumquat rinds' tendency to form themselves into a makeshift plug, severely limiting drainage and causing a distressing Advocaat Overflow Scenario. This scenario, coupled with my confused and emotional state, and an innate unfamiliarity with the trouser styles of the '70s, quickly snowballed into an altogether messy and unpleasant bathroom affair.   

       This is why, on balance, I would counsel against drinking any more than 6 inches of eggnog in a single sitting.
zen_tom, Dec 11 2008

       Yes, any alcoholic drink consumed in measurements of distance is probably a mistake.
theleopard, Dec 11 2008

       resists the urge to post - "yard of chocolate"   

       like a yard of eggnog but nicer.   



       from that thought, I ventured into thoughts of 99 flake and their being 99 mm long and other myths...
po, Dec 11 2008

       I'm pretty sure this would just kill the lawn.   

       [marked-for-tagline] //Obviously a bad idea.//
Voice, Dec 12 2008

       I feel for you [z_t]. I'd put your bad experience down to the kumquats.   

       Yard of Chocolate (+), makes me think of Yard of Ice Cream - with a *big* Flake in it.
Jinbish, Dec 12 2008

       //Like a yard of ale, but more festive!//

..and completely & utterly vile. Bleurgh!
DrBob, Dec 12 2008

       I'm noticing a preponderance of distance-measured beverages.   

       Could someone direct me to the original idea, where the conversion from volume to distance, and the packaging thereof, was undoubtedly explained.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 12 2008

       I think it was started by the recent "yard of cocktail" - which is fairly thoroughly baked.
wagster, Dec 12 2008

       I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
Loris, Dec 12 2008


       reindeer egg most probably.
po, Dec 12 2008

       //I'm pretty sure this would just kill the lawn.//   

       It's all dandelions anyway.
n81641, Dec 12 2008

       //What actually is eggnog?// A subtle mixture of eggs, and nog.   

       Actually, it's just pancake mixture without the flour (which makes it the same mixture as scrambled eggs prior to cooking - or, depending on the spice and flavouring - custard) - essentially the liquid equivalent of cookie-dough, eggnog is often made bearable with the addition of alcoholic components, or added to coffee to harden and congeal inside the cup to make an improvised hammer. Leaving a cup of eggnog next to a radiator over the Christmas holidays grows cultures of a seasonally scarce bacteria called santarii streptoelfus - that can be used to mend shoes.
zen_tom, Dec 15 2008


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