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whatever button

whatever button on dialogue boxes
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Computer Programs are always putting up an endless cycle of dialogue boxes with 'Yes', 'No' or 'Cancel' along with a description of the consequences of each choice. However, I've often lost interest in what I'm doing and really don't care about the outcome. I'd like to click on 'whatever' and let the computer decide and stop pestering me.
riverouse, Nov 28 2003

enthusiastic button: http://www.pixelsca...tulacity/button.htm
This one wants to be pushed. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       This should then be the option selected when the automatic timeout expired - since if you weren't interested enough to answer within the limit then 'whatever' is the right auto-choice.   

       This would actually be relatively easy to code as the majority of windows-based programming tools merely wrap the OS's dialog box in their own functions. Hence if you were Microsoft you could create a fairly minor patch to amend the OS so that all dialog boxes had this behaviour - you would cover many instances.
dobtabulous, Nov 28 2003

       For what it's worth, I have been known to program "Whatever" buttons into applications - I've even done a "Yeah, Yeah, Whatever" button. I have a long-standing hatred of the "Okay/Cancel" or "Yes/No/Cancel" sequences as being entirely too vague.   

       In theory, they're meant to provide a consistent interface to make it easier for users to use applications. In practice, their meanings vary too dramatically. Consider the "Yes No Cancel" responses to the messages "Do you want to save this document?" and "Do you want to delete this document?" - "Yes" has the opposite physical result in each case, while what on earth does "Cancel" mean in either context?   

       My buttons tend to include things like "I really do want to irrevocably delete this document!" and "Save changes to document" and "Return to edited document" etc.
DrCurry, Nov 28 2003

       Agreed. I saw the silliest dialog once when exiting a video game:   

phundug, Nov 28 2003

thumbwax, Nov 28 2003


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