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Waterproof Walker

To help prevent falls while showering
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This is a pretty standard-looking walker that mostly older people tend to use, except it is waterproof, so it can be taken into the shower space (or even a bathtub, if it has a shower).

Obviously, it gives the person taking the shower something to hold onto, to help prevent a fall --or even to help get back up if a fall does occur.

Vernon, Dec 11 2010

Shower noose. Shower_20Noose
Shameless, blatant plagiarism. Equally practical. [8th of 7, Dec 11 2010]


       I don't want to write a criticism longer than the idea, especially when I'm grateful for the brevity & clarity of your exposition. But. I maintain this idea is only suitable for very spacious showers / tubs, and that it would be unworkable, or even counterproductive, for standard walkers in standard bathrooms. Grab bars are better. Borrow a walker, and experiment a little (I have).
mouseposture, Dec 11 2010

       Seems there is a need for a semi collapsible waterproof walker...   

       // semi collapsible //   

       i.e. perfectly strong, rigid and waterproof, right up to the point the user leans their weight onto it. ...
8th of 7, Dec 13 2010

       In what way are standard walkers not waterproof? The ones I've seen are just bent-and-bolted aliumiunium tubing, with a couple of plastic grips and some rubber feet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2010

       Maybe they would rust in time, [Max]. The size is really the issue. If they were made in a rubbery style for showering, maybe then they would squish in.
blissmiss, Dec 13 2010

       //If they were made in a rubbery style for showering, maybe then they would squish in.//   

       The same could be said of the geriatrics.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2010

blissmiss, Dec 13 2010

       Obviously, folks, if the thing described here is necessarily too big to be used as described, then that's what makes this Idea half-baked.
Vernon, Dec 14 2010

       A watertight walker sounds like a reasonable idea regardless, if they aren't already, but taking one into a space where there's a slick wet soapy floor and expecting it to work... that doesn't sound too bright.   

       Wotcha need in that case is a hoop-skirt frame.
FlyingToaster, Dec 14 2010

       Women would like that. Not so nice for the men. Don't think.
blissmiss, Dec 14 2010

       We're doing this all wrong.   

       Just think: the walker itself is a wrap-around frame of tubular aluminium.   

       So: all we need to do is drill a bunch of holes at intervals all over the frame, and add some nozzles. Then have a snaplock connector for a high-pressure hoze and - ipso ileum! - you have a take-anywhere, plug-and-play while- you-wait pressure-washer for old people!   

       As a bonus, a liquid soap feedline could be added, as could feedlines for laundry detergent and compressed air. With a little automation, you will be able to wash, launder and blow-dry your elderly relative before your very eyes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2010


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