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Water Tank Fez Tassles

water tank embellishment
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In Cargo Cult land, many of the buildings have sprouted water tanks on their roofs, so that the thirsty natives can quench their slaked tongues and wash the street grime from their sweaty hides.

These tanks are supported by a variety of methods, but they all have a common theme: they look like a bit like fez hats (to me anyway), hence the need (in my opinion) for them to be equipped with tassles.

On stormy days, the tassles will blow around, doubling up as wind-socks. At night they might have trails of coloured leds. They serve no other practical purpose, but then this is the halfbakery.

xenzag, Sep 02 2008

water tanks http://images.googl...safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG
the cargo worshipping natives lurk hidden underneath these [xenzag, Sep 02 2008]

Fez http://images.googl...S:official%26sa%3DG
[xenzag, Sep 02 2008]

Water wiggle - Another fez-like shape that came to mind immediately. http://video.aol.co...y-wham-o/3947092836
The video load is a trifle slow, but it demonstrates some of the best ways to hurt yourself while playing with toys designed by adults in the sixties. [normzone, Sep 02 2008]


theleopard, Sep 02 2008

       I'll see your fez, and raise you one water wiggle (link).
normzone, Sep 02 2008


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