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Waxing and waning croissants

Sell different shaped croissants according to the time of month
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A patisserie or cafe which sells a crescent-shaped croissant at a certain time, which increases in plumpness every day, becoming hemispherical, then an oblate spheroid, then a sphere, then reverses the gamut and sells no croissants at all one day per month, according to the phases of the Moon. The spherical croissant has a map of the Moon embossed on it and the crescent-shaped ones have a few barely discernible crumbs whose visibility depends on the weather in nearby oceans.
nineteenthly, Jul 27 2014


       This is a beautiful, moving tribute to the bakery. Love it. +
blissmiss, Jul 27 2014

       Thanks [bliss].
nineteenthly, Jul 28 2014

       You could make this a daily meal plan by adding a complementary piece of cheese to the other side of the plate.
pocmloc, Jul 28 2014

       [+] wonderful!
xandram, Jul 28 2014

       ...with appropriately-placed tiny specks of chocolate on them to mark the Apollo landing sites.
hippo, Jul 28 2014

       No croissants one day per month? Okay then, I'll have two of your pretzelcoatls and one rosetta-scone to go please.   

       Sp. "Pretzelcoatl"   

       (The Aztec God of Salty Snacks)
8th of 7, Jul 28 2014

...and flying off the shelves.


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