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Wedge shaped cubicle allows you to take a meeting with anyone else in the company.
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Imagine a corporation with many offices around the world. In this corporation, instead of multiple conference rooms, groups of 6 cubicles are arranged in a circle, like wedges in a Trivial Pursuit Game. Each cubicle has only two walls, each of which is an LCD screen from the desk to the top of the cubicle wall.

People who need to take a meeting sit at the desk, and use meeting software to connect with others around the world. The cubicle records each meeting member with a video camera, processes the images, and displays them on the LCD screens, so that each member sees a full table, with the other members sitting at it.

dbsousa, Jun 07 2005

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       This would require a lot of processing power to deal with the perspective changes and image compositing, let alone the resolution needed for an image that size. Bandwidth requirements would be massive as well (decent resolution for an image that size using current videoconferencing codecs ~40Mbps). We can't do it now, but in ten years... Get a bun for 'cool'.
wagster, Jun 07 2005

       Neat. Just please perhaps add a "cone of silence", since you can't close a conference room door anymore.
sophocles, Jun 07 2005


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