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Leg Evahs

Nwod edispu s'leg gnivahs ym soc.
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My favoured brand of shaving product comes in a can. It sits on the side of my bathtub until the bottom rusts (about two weeks) and leaves a rust ring on the bath. Well, it would do except I leave it sitting upside down on it's plastic cap. I could of course buy something more expensive but in my experience that generally doesn't make a product any better, so I haven't bothered.

I assume most people who buy this product do exactly the same as me unless they're the sort who like removing rust stains from enamel, and I don't know any of those sort. In fact I assume a lot of people do this with a lot of cans that sit around the tub.

Rather than use clever plastic or galvanised coatings on the base it would be easier to just print the label upside down and leave the can on it's cap, after all the can doesn't care which way up it is.

It's not a lot to ask and it would make me happy.

wagster, Jun 06 2005


       read leg ov... nevermind.
po, Jun 06 2005

       What you're thinking about is best done the right way up.
wagster, Jun 06 2005

       Yeah [po] I read it that way too - must be too much exposure to Serth Efricken accents.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 06 2005

       For a second there you had me thinking you shave your legs, [wags].   

       It really doesn't make a difference to me whether or not the label is right-side-up, but whatever makes you happy. And that's why I bunned your idea, to make you even happier.
Machiavelli, Jun 06 2005

       Shampoo and other stuff comes in bottles with big flat caps so you can sit it upside down. Since the label is fairly pointless once you've bought the item (uinless you have lots of similar-looking bottles, I guess), then the label should be printed the right way up for display in the shops becauase that's the only place it matters. That's my theory, anyway.
Armchair anarchist that I am, I'm gonna fishbone ya. Just to remind you that, though we love you, the world is a cruel, unfeeling place.
moomintroll, Jun 06 2005

       I'll fix that. +
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2005

       I've just bought a plastic jar of shaving gel for 27,50 euro's. Totally pointless annotation this. Mums the word.
zeno, Jun 06 2005

       Labels should be palindromic to read the same either way up.
hidden truths, Jun 06 2005

       Coasters, yet another use for those CD tins issued by JOA; they look better upside down. Somebody must be listening.
reensure, Jun 07 2005

       I must acknowledge [hidden truth]'s idea, which is in fact far better than mine.
wagster, Jun 07 2005

       Like mine or like [hiddentruth]'s?
wagster, Jun 07 2005


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