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Wii Personal Trainer

Mario and Luigi are here to pump... *clap* ...you up!
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There should be weight attachments or a curling bar that the Wii-mote can fit inside of.

The gyros in the controller will sense your movement and let you know if you are performing a proper movement for a particular weight training exercise.

It would also help you keep track of your rep counts. You Mii's muscles would start off small at the beginning of a workout and then gradually become bigger as you neared your goals for that session (like a progress indicator of sorts).

Mister P, Feb 12 2008

Wii Fit http://e3nin.nintendo.com/wii_fit.html
[pyggy potamus, Feb 13 2008]


       Yeah yeah, wii yoga, wii intelligence booster, wii ping pong trainer, wii interactive porn master, wii broken hip rehabilitator, wii based judicial system, wii voting, wii political debates, heck, you could even play games on the wii.   

       (did you notice the yoga move in the link is done by an asian looking woman, the dance moves are done by a black couple, etc. racist basterds)
zeno, Feb 13 2008


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