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Wii-Ja Board

Family fun with the ideomotor effect
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The familiar Wii controller is encapsulated in a crystal glass adaptor which ships along with software that encourages the players to spell out increasingly cryptic messages through pinky-actualised ideomotive action.

Utilisation of the popular Mario franchise might help assuage the fears of those who might otherwise associate this control technique with the occult and silly notions of contacting the dead (but this could be made into a sub-game, unlocked once the players have completed enough of the basic levels)

zen_tom, Apr 15 2009

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       A fun idea that could be linked to some kind of "spelling bee" (a cruel, public American scrutinising of children to make sure they've learnt the mangled spelling of the Webster dictionary).
Aristotle, Apr 15 2009

       //And a big tracker-ball mount ?// Yeah, that sounds good - the family place the WiiJa on a table and rest their little fingers atop the glass.   

       There might be a specially printed tablemat with letters of the alphabet, numbers and iconic Marioesquery (shells, mushrooms, koopas etc) - but this isn't really necessary as it's all relayed on-screen.   

       Then, Mario asks a question and the family work together (without pushing) to divine the answer.
zen_tom, Apr 15 2009

       Woooo... The curse of the subliminal screen ghosting .
wjt, Apr 15 2009


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