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Wii Ball in a Cup

It's Ball-in-a-Cup!
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The traditional passtime of children everywhere... Ball in a Cup. For Wii. Yippee!
21 Quest, Mar 20 2009

Ball in a Cup http://en.wikipedia...ll_in_a_cup#History
[21 Quest, Mar 20 2009]

Here's a real guy using a real Ball in a Cup. http://www.youtube....?v=iPzkY0BDzXY&NR=1
Found this on Youtube, too. [21 Quest, Mar 21 2009]

Proper Games! http://www.flickr.c...501@N00/2643700736/
Even the comments reflect the demise of 'Getting out in the Fresh Air' now and again. [gnomethang, Jun 18 2009]

Hoop and Stick - Original And Best http://images.googl...B%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1
[gnomethang, Jun 18 2009]


       [+] and paddle ball, table tennis, ooh: ball or frisbee catch... build a birdhouse with your hammer and saw controllers... in fact the hammer and saw controllers could be an effective part of any game.
FlyingToaster, Mar 20 2009

       Oooh, paddle ball!!! Table tennis is baked, I'm afraid... I Googled "Wii Ping Pong" and sure enough, it's there. Same with fencing, and every other obscure sport I could think of. Frisbee, however, now *that* sounds fun... except, I just looked, and *that* is baked, complete with a dog that fetches bad throws for you.

       Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a game that could be truly enjoyed on a Wii that wasn't already Baked!? Seriously, Google Wii anything and you'll get hits. Except Paddle Ball, that one was almost Baked, but someone mistook it for Table Tennis and mislabelled the table tennis game. Paddle ball is safe. Thank God!
21 Quest, Mar 20 2009

       I can't imagine this would be any easier on the Wii than it is in real life.
wagster, Mar 21 2009

       No, not easier. But just as addictive.
21 Quest, Mar 21 2009

       Totally stupid idea +
xenzag, Mar 21 2009

       One of your best +
daseva, Jun 18 2009

       Coming Soon: Wii Stick with a Hoop.
May I preempt a whole cascade of ideas based on Retro games on a Modern Interface (e.g. the Wii) as an MFD Prior Art?.
<ducks> If you can call game programming "Art"</ducks>
I do loike the idea BTW, but don't wish to 'encourage les autres' you understand.
gnomethang, Jun 18 2009


       Barrel-O'-MonkWiis ?
nomocrow, Jun 18 2009

       <list alert!>Wii Barrel-with Fish-in-It?</la>
gnomethang, Jun 18 2009


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