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Wind tree

Wind power can also be funny
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Some renewable energy technologies have the problem of being aesthetically unattractive to many people. I just read that some do not want solar panels on their roof, as they ruin the appeal of the house; others are interested in small wind turbines, if only they could be a bit more stylish.

So here's a (hopefully) funny, ironic idea: wind turbines in the form of a tree, for suburban homes. Overdone. Exaggerated. So that it becomes ironic.

It doesn't always have to be hyper-efficient, and it doesn't have to be technically perfect; the most important thing is that it's green luxury. It may convey the message to outsiders: we do windpower too, we only do it differently.

I made a picture of the wind tree [see link]. Never mind the colors, they'd have to be more stylish.

django, Jun 04 2006

The wind tree http://i3.photobuck...iesel/windtree1.jpg
Green luxury [django, Jun 04 2006]

"Power Flower" - theft of my idea? http://www.gizmag.c...oser-to-home/18049/
I will sue!!!! [django, Mar 06 2011]


       I was hoping for a giant pine tree that could simply rotate about it's trunk. Now that would be quite a sight. Nonetheless, bund!
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

bleh, Jun 04 2006

       Title suggestion: Bird Blender
Shz, Jun 04 2006

       //Bird Blender// Tsss... you're so right, I entirely forgot about that.   

       Let's keep the idea though, and use it as a luxury ventilator, a fan tree, for inside the home.
django, Jun 04 2006

       + Adequately kitestrophic.   

       Bun for the picture alone.
moomintroll, Jun 04 2006

       It seems like some architects have taken this design and are pushing it around - see link.   

       I will ask millions in compensation for idea theft!!!
django, Mar 06 2011

       All pictures that nice get a bun.   

       As for the idea though, we have lots of wind farms around here and bird deaths are a real problem. This looks like it might compound that, like a tree they might have in bird hell if there is such a place.
doctorremulac3, Mar 06 2011

       If there is a bird hell, there must be bird sins. Or are birds Calvinists?
mouseposture, Mar 06 2011

       If there is, crapping on my freshly washed car should be cause for banishment to the lowest level.
doctorremulac3, Mar 06 2011


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