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wind up house

wind your house like a clock for electricity
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Use the same theroy as a coo coo clock w/a large counterweight and a series of sprockets to turn a generator or even alternator to prouduce power. I figure you would need atleast 4000 rpm to get enough power. You shure wouldent want to wind it more than twice a day. So if there are any clock makers out there i need someone to help do the math.
op1getdopeseed, Oct 05 2003

Clockwork- the new power source http://www.halfbake...ew_20power_20source
"run everything off clockwork" [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]


       a coo coo clock has a little pigeon thats sings out every hour. sweet.
po, Oct 06 2003

       I can take out a pigeon on a coocoo clock at 50 paces, while sleepwalking.
thumbwax, Oct 06 2003

       with what?
po, Oct 06 2003

       It isn't the RPM, its the force of the spring, or weight.   

       Hand-winding any sort of spring or lifting a weight to power a generator to produce about 50 amps of continous AC current isn't what I would call fun, or even possible for a single person, even if you wound 24 hours a day.   

       The average human can generate 125 watts of power in real time, or enough to light a couple of light bulbs.
Cedar Park, Oct 06 2003

       //with what?//
Why, a peashooter, of course.
thumbwax, Oct 06 2003

       I thought of hurricane-proofing houses by putting them on turntables so they would spin and dissipate the wind energy. But if you could use that rotary motion to generate energy, more better.
mystic2311, Dec 23 2003


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