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Wine handle

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A clip-on device which equips a regular-size wine bottle with a large, mug-esque handle, for more refined drinking. Smaller versions for beer bottles and cans could also be made, as could a larger version for wine-boxes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2009

bottle handle http://www.lifewith...m/bottlehandle.html
[jaksplat, Jul 22 2009]

here's a silver one http://www.jakfines...=217&category_id=45
[jaksplat, Jul 22 2009]

Space Wine http://www.recyclet...e-wine-box-bladders
Good at festivals or for tramps as, after consumption, the bag can be blown up and used as a pillow. [theleopard, Jul 22 2009]

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       you got really small hands?
WcW, Jul 22 2009

       I prefer putting the bottle in a paper bag.
Gamma48, Jul 22 2009

       Pretty sure he said 'bottle'. Sounds a lot like 'box', in your defense.   

       [jaksplat]'s link is close, but the wine bottle version should be a bit more cork and rod iron, less kiddie pool blue.
daseva, Jul 22 2009

       ...and really tiny handles for minatures.
hippo, Jul 22 2009

       Of course, wine-box carry handles are usually on the top, making elegant gluggage from wine boxes impractical.
So, side handles are essential. [+]
coprocephalous, Jul 22 2009

       Is there a name for the motion of hoiking up an old fashioned ceramic bottle of booze (you know, those pottery bottles/jugs with the tiny hoop-like handle through which you can just about hook a thumb) such that it rests along the line of your forearm, allowing you to drink from the bottle by lifting your elbow?
zen_tom, Jul 22 2009

       No need to put it on wine-boxes. What's more refined than space wine?
theleopard, Jul 22 2009


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