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Winking Headlight

Straight wire a winking headlight.
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I think a bad idea would be to straight wire one of your headlights so that you could turn off one of them at a time.

Then you could 'wink' at other vehicles.


If everyone did it there could then arise more variations on highway codes such as "cop ahead" or "go ahead and merge ahead of me".

snikrepkire, Apr 19 2004


       keep it to quiet roads and lovers' lanes...otherwise it could cause mayhem.
po, Apr 19 2004

       The custom here is to fishbone bad ideas. Since you didn't do it yourself, I'll do it for you.
Freefall, Apr 19 2004

       hey, Miss Fall, thats a bit hard. I think it has potential.
po, Apr 19 2004

Cunninglinguist, Apr 19 2004

       and we have a buyer already <gawd he is gullible>
po, Apr 19 2004

       //I think a bad idea would be to straight wire one of your headlights so that you could turn off one of them at a time.//
That would be a bad idea then.
Volkswagen already allow sidelights to be enabled via the indicator sticks while parked. Could this be confusing?.
gnomethang, Apr 19 2004

       And both your turn signals could blink together.
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2004

       The problem with this is that it isn't necessary. We don't need to "wink" at the other drivers as we can already "blink" at them. It would just add to the confusion that's already out there. For example, someone flashes their lights at you. Immediately you have to go through a list of possibilities.... "is there a cop ahead? are my brights on? do i know him? is my turn signal on?" and so forth. Inevitably, there would be new meanings for the winking headlight, so you'd have to ask yourself more questions.
kranedawg, Apr 19 2004

       car flirting.
jonthegeologist, Apr 20 2004

       Screw signalling. This would just be cool.
5th Earth, Apr 20 2004

       How about super powerful xenon strobe lights. Just to freak everyone out. Credit to Steven Wright.
rusterkat, Apr 20 2004


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