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Wookie Revolution.

Let's get hairy!
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All this talk of apocalypse - We should be prepared for nuclear winter/Ice age. If everybody started shaving their entire bodies today, we could stimulate massive hair growth worldwide creating many human hair based industries, and a nice fluffy protective coat.

In twenty or so years we will have a race of Arctic dwellers, maybe we will even evolve snow cammo. No more will you have to worry about unsightly facial hair, everybody has it.

Not recommended for warm climates.

Trodden, Feb 12 2003

Does shaving stimulate hair growth / hypertrichosis? No. http://www.keratin.com/ah/ah018.shtml
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       its so cold I would like a fluffy coat
po, Feb 12 2003

       OK [bliss] - you complain about back hair on women, what about back hair on men?   

       [Trodden] - what about lice and other hair-dwelling beasties?
PeterSilly, Feb 12 2003

       Cats can be cheaply and easily converted into a selection of practical, warm and durable garments. All you need is a sharp knife. I can't belive that no-one's mentioned this already.   

       Hmm. Cats could save the world ? I sense I'm on tricky ground here, theologically.
8th of 7, Feb 12 2003

       I'll only do this if I can have a tail too.   

       Aw c'mon just a little tail?   


       [PS] the critters that infest the hair could produce a whole new food industry, high in protein no doubt.   

       [8/7] what about allergies? or do they go away once the rodent is properly prepared?
rbl, Feb 12 2003

       Cats, [rbl], CATS. You're thinking of rats; rats are nasty, verminous disease ridden pests that invade human dwellings, spreading fleas and bacteria, and contaminating food. Whereas cats are ...... ah. Yes, I see how you got confused, now.   

       SImple way to tell. Cats have furry tails, rats don't. Apart from that they're pretty much the same thing. In my opinion.
8th of 7, Feb 12 2003


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