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Word Processor Spelling List

A word processor that keeps track of the words you tend to misspell
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This idea was inspired by the “Aggressive Spell Checker” (see link). But instead of a spell checker that gets on your nerves (think of what happened to Clippie the paper clip), here you have the word processor quietly collecting statistics on the words you have problems with in the background. At the end of the week, you can printout a list of the top 20 words you misspelled most and try to work out mnemonics, rhymes or any other trick that works for you to memorize them. Once you feel confident about these 20 words, you can tell the word processor to reset the statistics for them and the following week you’ll get a new list. If you forget the spelling for some of the words, they will eventually climb up the chart and when they reach the top 20, you will get an opportunity to review them. Words that are misspelled frequently, but only out of carelessness, probably don’t belong in this word list. They can be identified by the fact that you usually do spell them correctly.

This idea may be expandable to include grammar rules too. This is much more difficult to do reliably, but grammar checkers are rapidly improving and they will probably reach a point soon, where at the end of the week, they can also list repeated bad grammatical habits.

imho, Mar 02 2009

Aggressive Spell Checker Aggressive_20Spell_20Checker
[imho, Mar 02 2009]


       As a dyslexic I think this is a very good idea as nothing annoys you more than having you incorrect spelling constantly pointed out by the evil axis of Mircosoft!
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 03 2009

       Sp. "your".
Custardguts, Mar 04 2009

       sp. Microsoft
neelandan, Mar 04 2009

       I know people that constantly misspell the same words, and let Word auto-correct them. They never learn and will still spell the word wrong in written correspondence. I give this a + even though I don't think it will be widely used.
paix120, Mar 04 2009


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