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Wrist Thumb

USB drive on a wrist band
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Got a thumb drive on a keychain? Inconvenient and sometimes it comes apart. Got one in a pocket? The cap likes to come off and get lost, debris gets into the connector. Take one out of computer and lose it on a cluttered desktop. I'm guilty of all of the above and so are many others! Solution: make a USB that fits on the wrist. Need the drive? It's always handy, or maybe that should be 'wristy'.
Steamboat, Jan 30 2016

loads of these available https://www.google....lash+drive&tbm=isch
[mitxela, Jan 31 2016]


       Wristwatches with embedded USB storage are Baked and WKTE.
8th of 7, Jan 30 2016

       USB? I thought that was 2007. Don't those sorts of people have clouds and such now?
bungston, Jan 30 2016

       USB in a wristwatch is limited to whatever was hot at the time of purchase; i.e. not upgradable. Got a link to one?
Steamboat, Jan 31 2016

       PS "The Cloud" sucks donkey balls.. ;-)
Steamboat, Jan 31 2016

       hey steam. never saw you here before... (my fault, since 2004)   

       so here's my late welcome.   

       Since loads of these are available that's proof that this is a great idea. So my + and MFS (marked for stay although baked)
pashute, Feb 01 2016


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