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Wu Shu Snooze Defender

Martial Arts figurine that defends the snooze button
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5:30 am. The intolerable wail bursts forth.
I, in half dream state, finally conclude that the source of this annoyance must be the alarm clock. (Whatever the three previous things I thought it was didn't respond when I took appropriate measures in my dream)

I reach my hand toward the snooze button in a well practiced motion intending to slap the top of the offending alarm clock until I manage to silence the thing.

I forgot that today was going to be different.

I feel a smack on the side of my hand, knocking my hand away. This startles me enough for me to open my blurry eyes and look over.
There stands a dwarfed version of Bruce Lee. I reach towards the button again, this time more quickly, but my hand gets smacked away again. The figurine says something like "o-ah, oup, hoochah!"

Now I am fully awake. It takes me 4 more tries, but I finally hit the snooze. Admitting to myself that there's no sense in going through that again this morning I reach over and turn off the alarm, get up and get ready for the day.

Product comes in a variety of characters which are vice mounted to a bedside table.

The product uses several different aimed motion sensors in conjunction with a couple of programmed movements for 3 of the four figurine limbs in order to defend the snooze button of your choice.

Zimmy, Oct 11 2006


       I'd set it to defend the 'on' button the evening before.
wagster, Oct 11 2006

       for [21 Quest], The None Shall Pass Black Knight could be a higher priced limited edition option.
This one could be spring mounted to a rod that connected to the vice mounted plate. (The spring mount attaches to the back of the Black Knight)

       "Is that all you've got!!!?.......Come over here - I'll bite your kneecaps off!"
Zimmy, Oct 12 2006


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