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Yo! Gravy

A glorious fusion of Western cuisine and traditional Eastern delivery techniques
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In branches of Yo! Gravy, a customer will find themselves seated in front of a gently flowing gravy canal, and is encouraged to utilise the provided runcible spoon to scoop out any tasty morsels that might bob or otherwise float past.
zen_tom, Nov 11 2008

Yo! Noid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yo!_Noid
This looks like a job for... [Spacecoyote, Nov 11 2008]

I *thought* I'd seen the term "gravy canal" before... Turf_20Piano
I love gravy. Imagine the yorkshires floating past [+] [theleopard, Nov 11 2008]

Yo! Did I get any on me? http://img.dailymai...tle3PIN_800x538.jpg
[Amos Kito, Nov 11 2008]

a great side-idea http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Falkirk_Wheel
you must find some way to incorporate this into your gravy :) [samosa_pirate, Nov 14 2008]


       This sounds a bit on the messy side for me. I think I'd prefer my Yo! Gravy establishment to use a small Hornby set to deliver tasty morsels bedecked in gravy.
Jinbish, Nov 11 2008

miasere, Nov 11 2008

       <sings> yo, yo, yo my (gravy) boat merrily down the stream.
po, Nov 11 2008

       Don't worry about the mess [jinbish] - emergency bibs and napkins will be provided by small motorised craft that speed to the scene of a disaster.   

       The Yo! Navy.
wagster, Nov 11 2008

       //gently flowing gravy canal// - why not "white water" gravy rapids?
hippo, Nov 11 2008

       And for dessert, m'sieur, Yo! Custard.
coprocephalous, Nov 11 2008

       THe hole that the gravy goes down at the end of the channel, will that be by any chance the Gravy Drain ?
8th of 7, Nov 11 2008

       There should be a parallel stream with which to dump any unwanted portions. The two streams should be unmarked. +
daseva, Nov 11 2008

       Don't cross the streams.
hippo, Nov 11 2008

       //The two streams should be unmarked.//
[daseva], this is 'food: restaurant: menu selection'.
'food: restaurant: evil' is over there -->
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 11 2008

       gravy train?
jaksplat, Nov 11 2008

       How will this system cope with mushy peas ? Will they have to be floated inside a yorkshire pudding ? That would be acceptable.....
8th of 7, Nov 11 2008

       The mushy peas will drown in their own foulness.
wagster, Nov 11 2008

       ... and at the end of the day, the leftovers get all mushed up, making a starter-batch for the next day's [+]
FlyingToaster, Nov 11 2008

       ...and of course, there will be a parallel river of custard to float the puddings in.
hippo, Nov 12 2008

       <looks and points dramatically upwards> Psst, [hippo] </lapdu>
coprocephalous, Nov 12 2008

hippo, Nov 12 2008

       // The mushy peas will drown in their own foulness. //   

       Ahhh, an Unbeliever. Well, we know how to deal with your sort of heretic, [wags];   

       "Prepare The Legume Cauldron !"
8th of 7, Nov 12 2008

       I'm desperately trying to crowbar together an idea for a Nippon- Hispanic Asimovian restaurant so that I can call it "Yo! Robot".   

       Salsa stream - possibly reminiscent of some kind of data flux? With robotic arms to dip sushi in?   

theleopard, Nov 12 2008


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