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You did it! Here's a treat

Study stuff and be rewarded
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Some people afflicted with ADHD and many kids have a super hard time studying. This product helps. It's a smart phone app connected to a device similar to those multi-pill things or an advent calendar. If the user proves knowledge in a particular topic (time limited to help retention) a single door opens and the chocolate or other treat is available. Attempts to force it open result in a quantity of sand and bitters ruining the flavor.

For example the user may be studying math. Correctly solving five problems of an original type would signal the device to open a door.

Voice, Aug 28 2023

https://www.doordas...ce=Google&utm_term= Addictive [blissmiss, Sep 08 2023]


       I only got halfway through this idea when I remembered there were sweeties in the cupboard. Will try and finish reading later
pocmloc, Aug 29 2023

       Anything that would motivate me would contain sugar. Sugar causes hyperactivity and makes obesity even worse than it is here. I like that you want to help the population that misses out on so much, due to distractions, but a sugary treat will do nothing but make them have even more trouble studying.   

       Plus, they will fight over the good chocolate, and end up in the principal's office, or prison, or, or...
blissmiss, Aug 31 2023

       Yes, sugar is definitely the cause of antisocial behavior. I recall the Caramel Riots of '03. Good times.
Voice, Sep 01 2023

       Don't get me started on the Maple-gate massacres... you couldn't even spell slaughter without laughter back then.   

       Salted Carmel Maple Syrup is my newest addiction. Really, it is a thing.   

       Voice, meet 2 fries. 2 Fries, this is Voice.   

       You two should slap yourselves together and come to my house.
blissmiss, Sep 08 2023


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