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Your Skull With Carvings And Jewels 'N Stuff

Take a computed tomography scan of your skull and 3D print it after adding all sorts of ornate carvings.
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Then plate it with something like gold or silver and add all sorts of jewels.

Then you'd have a beautiful version of your skull with carving and jewels. Paperweight? Reminder of the fleeting nature of life? Bookend?

doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2019

Damien Hirst's platinum skull https://www.reuters...USL3080962220070830
"cast from a 35-year-old 18th century European man but retaining the original teeth" [jutta, Mar 04 2019]

Boy I think people would buy this. https://www.pintere...546131892298718283/
Do all the artwork and carving in a 3D program and print it. All very easy to do. [doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2023]


Voice, Feb 04 2019

       By the light of the clear lead head, the room shimmered.
wjt, Feb 05 2019

       I know so many weirdos and freaks that would love this sort of stuff. TO THE ART FAIR!
Size_Mick, Mar 04 2019

       RE: The hundred million dollar diamond encrusted skull. This is what causes proletariat civil unrest and communist revolutions.   

       That and pointless, endless wars designed to entertain the elitist ruling class.   

       But hundred million dollar diamondy skulls too.
doctorremulac3, Mar 05 2019

       sp: diemoundy [dahy-mounde]   

       adjective, 1 having characteristics, or a connection to, piles of genenocide remains, especially skulls. Cthulhu's diemoundy reign was so prolific it spanned several planes of existance.   

       Origin: Australasia, early 21st century. First used on Halfbakery.com
wjt, Mar 08 2019

       I think I want to add just having this painted to look like an actual skull. Having a real looking skull on your desk that's actually what you'll look like in 100 years might be a kind of motivational thing.
doctorremulac3, Apr 17 2023

       For a long time now I've had this ambition to turn my skull into a paperweight. Something to pass on as an heirloom. I like the idea of it resting its upper teeth on a desk in a study somewhere, keeping one of my descendants company.
I haven't done anything in particular to achieve this objective, yet. Although this has given me a bit more concern about preserving my upper teeth.

       But it does have to be my actual skull; a 3D printed replica just wouldn't cut it.   

       This idea does make me wonder though whether maybe it would be smart to try to impregnate the bone with metal somehow, and/or chrome-plate it. Maybe bone can soak up bronze like a stainless steel 3D print? I dunno.
Loris, Apr 17 2023

       Eat more late-'90s Buicks, [Loris].
Sgt Teacup, Apr 18 2023

       //impregnate the bone with metal//
I saw that in a movie, so it must be possible...
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 18 2023

       "I see your little, petrified skull ... labeled and resting on a shelf somewhere.“
—Gary Larson
a1, Apr 18 2023

       It is possible to have your skull replaced with a new version and survive.
Voice, Apr 18 2023

       Probably not the whole thing, but I've seen pretty big parts replaced. The metal plate in the head's always been a classic.
doctorremulac3, Apr 18 2023

       I was kind of intending to put off the repurposing until after I didn't need it for the original purpose any more.   

       You might have heard the blessing: "May all your dreams come true - but one."
Well, I figured you might as well have a dream you could postpone and achieve post mortem.
Loris, Apr 19 2023


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