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Zip-Tie Belt

Zip-Tie belt keeps your pants up
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Standard zip-tie, 30-60" in length, 1" wide. The part of the tie that locks (female end)would run parallel to the tie strap so the excess strap can slide over the rest of the strap and through your belt loops (or cut off).

Keep some in your car or at work in case you run out of the house in a hurry forgetting to put on a belt.

Market to law enforcement: during large arrests of gang suspects the police often use zip-tie handcuffs. For all the suspects that wear the baggy pants that end up half- way down their legs the cops can use zip-tie belts to keep their pants around their waists. Also string the belt around the zip-tie cuffs to keep their hands behind their backs.

KineticKill, Apr 06 2008

Zip-Tie "Belt" http://www.youtube....watch?v=WJb8NOVJnkg
This guy hooks it through 2 belt loops, to quickly tighten the waistband. [Amos Kito, Apr 06 2008]


       Pray you have scissors or a knife if you ever get the "runs"
Klaatu, Apr 06 2008

       What if you get a stomach bug ? You could go through a whole packet of "belts" in a few hours .....
8th of 7, Apr 06 2008

       My zip-tie noose was a complete bust.   

       The belt would be thin enough to easily cut and cheap if you need to use a few. If you have "the runs" looks like its a no-belt day. If you cut off your circulation and don't remove the belt then you deserve to die or be injured.   

       What about the Law Enforcement application???
KineticKill, Apr 06 2008

       There are reusable zip-ties, with a built-in release lever. I make my own by splitting the head with wire cutters (a quick outward tug releases the zip-tie). It can be easy or difficult to release, depending on where you split it. Works great on temporary wiring.   

       I assumed those suspects' waists are halfway down their legs from perhaps penguin DNA. Clowns crave attention, but if trousers are tied at the correct spot, fewer people will laugh. At least you could belt the suspects' pants at chest level. We need more laughter in this world.
Amos Kito, Apr 06 2008


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