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ZipJack Stack

A fashion idea for zipping successive layers of jackets to eachother for a muliti layer wrap around
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This just happened to me by accident. It is dark in my apartment and I throw on a zipper sweat jacket and a zipper leather jacket on top of that. On the way out the door I quickly zipped up in front, accidentally zipping one side of the sweat jacket to the other side of the leather jacket. If you were to extend this by adding a down jacket on top, and zipping that to the other side of the leather jacket, then you could disrobe in one tipple spin. This fashion might work for nudist colonies in cold places, for speedy stripping.
JesusHChrist, Jan 29 2012

this jacket appears to have those qualities...somewhat http://phoenixboata...sp?category=JACKETS
[xandram, Jan 30 2012]


       Hmm. I just bought my daughter a caghoulish type jacket which has a fleece liner; the two items seem to interzip in some way. But I like the helicity of this idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 29 2012

       I posted this very idea at some point but forget its title. I'll look for it. I have lots of zip-related ideas, few of which make it here as i would end up like [farmerjohn] and his clocks otherwise.
nineteenthly, Jan 30 2012

       Zipper fastening systems should be electronic. A little motor that travels up the conductive zipper rails should open and close. Each interlocking pair of zipper teeth should send a signal to a central processor once they have made contact. This will provide valuable data regarding the status of the zipper, and compare this to suggested zipper positions for the current weather conditions. After zippering technology has advanced from its current point of pre-twentieth century developmental stagnation it can then progress to the contemporary norm of social zippering, where these sensual fasteners can be connected to others, as has been described in the above idea, but through electronic means. The resulting fastenings can be compiled into ever growing lists of "fastends" that can be stored and displayed much to the betterment of those garments.
rcarty, Jan 30 2012

       [rcarty] bun pending, don't let it get too stale.
FlyingToaster, Jan 30 2012


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