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"gift 'em" dvd recorder

Use your dvd recorder to make personality coasters for your friends
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Okay - so its like this. We all have vcr's - well we used to - we're now all moving to re-recordable dvs's. We all tape stuff that we record at the last minute as we rush out of the door with intention of watching that ten minute bit later. Problem is, we never watch that ten minute bit or the other 34 clips that end up on the same tape.

Still with me... Okay so now I've found myself doing the same with my dvd recorder - I keep finding discs with bits of rubbish on that give an interesting insight into my entertainment taste.

I personally use these full discs as coasters - they're shiny, cheap and if they get really sticky you can just throw them in a bin. alternatively - you could give them away....

Okay, here it is..

You load up your dvd recorder with a cartridge that hold 6 discs, then carry on as normal, recording this and that and when they're all full up - you hit the "gift 'em" button. The recorder will package up the coasters into a shiny parcel (coasters always come in 6's) and you present to the buddy of your choice.

Your (insightful) buddy can watch the discs, get an insight into your personality and decide that he must get you that canoe or he may decide that you watch too many cartoons and take out to the theatre to see some proper entertainment. Or of course, he can just use them as coasters.

Be gentle... it's my first half thought through idea.

Lawrence_UK, Jun 15 2006


       Don't want to be gentle and don't like this one, so here is your first fishbone. But keep 'm coming [Lawrence-UK], I'm sure your lurking days will pay off.
zeno, Jun 16 2006


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