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The opposite of adblock
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Tell them what you want to see, and with context.

OK you cant beat them. Join them. Give them feedback.

They promise not to show you any ad during the next so and so videos, if you promise to give them some feedback looking again at the videos answering questions like:

a. At what point in this movie should the ad come up?

b. For this kind of product what kind of ad would you watch: witty, funny, geared for all family, geared for "restricted" audience, showing facts, teaser and long message or just plain short and to the point, can it have violence? etc. etc.

c. In words, what kind of ad would you want to watch for such a product, if none, why not?

If your answers are not serious, you will be taken off the adshowme initiative and returned to the regular exasperating ads.

pashute, Oct 15 2016


       The most important thing about an ad is to let you know that a product exists --you can't possibly buy it if you don't know it exists, right? Anything else, like how fun the product might be, is just icing on the cake.
Vernon, Oct 16 2016


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