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antidepressants that benefit both parents and children

Children with depressed mothers do not do as well as other children, they could find those antidepressants the simultaneously benefit children and mothers the most
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Children with depressed mothers do not do as well.

Noting different antidepressants work on different brain areas of brain chemistry they could measure which antidepressants caused the most simultaneous benefit to mothers and children.

Wellbutrin is an energizing antidepressant, it works on completely different chemistry than lexapro, which is an SSRI. A computer monitoring things like number of words spoken, time voluntarily spent with children and even things like number of hugs might find very different numbers even if the mothers had identical quantified improvements in their won moods. The children's behavior, feelings, and school achievement could also be quantified..

beanangel, Sep 02 2019

Eeeee. https://www.youtube...watch?v=VKHFZBUTA4k
[MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2019]


       Shilling for drug companies, old [bean] ?   

       What is the difference between Wellbutrin and other AD classes, that makes your proposal work better ?   

       Decent idea of course ; I'm just wondering about the restrictions.
FlyingToaster, Sep 02 2019

       This family is messed up, but we can't tell whether it's the parents or the kids. Not to fear; we'll just put 'em all on meds. If either generation doesn't respond the way we'd like, up their dosage until they stop being a problem.
lurch, Sep 03 2019

       This idea might make more sense if you used drug names rather than brand names, [beany]. But, also, you've failed to understand the problem. Most people with depression will respond to only one or two different antidepressants, and the way to tell if they're responding is that they're not depressed any more. Given that there are very few classes of (or even individual) antidepressants out there, and given the urgency of treatment in many cases, I don't think this is a very helpful idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2019

       // A computer monitoring things like... //   

       I think it's called Amazon Echo. They could just add those things to their algorithm. Consider it done!
tumblewit, Sep 03 2019

       Kids of, (place-dysfunction-here) parents have always been short-strawed from the git go.   

       I don't think meds are the answer though [beanster]. Recognizing children trapped in such situations, informing them, and teaching an entire next generation mindfulness and an ability to regulate their own serotonin/dopamine secretions will go much farther towards actually helping the children of mentally ill people than giving either them or their parents medication would.   

       Hey, wouldja lookit that! For once I sorta know what I'm talking about.   

       What [2 fries] said.   

       You know that game/exercise where you picture your younger self, and have to decide what one thing you'd like to tell them so that their life can turn out better? In my case it would be "Listen: that feeling that there are cockroaches crawling on you, when there aren't, that's a recognized symptom of low serotonin, and does not mean you're generally psychotic!"   

       And if I could have two, then the second one would be about the risk of endorphin abuse.
pertinax, Sep 08 2019

       // decide what one thing you'd like to tell them so that their life can turn out better? //   

       "Cut the green wire. Don't cut the red wire, and don't even touch the blue wire. Ignore the yellow wire, it's a decoy".   

       // time voluntarily spent with children //   

       <baffled stare/>   

       Our observation of human behaviour suggests that antidepressants for mothers are already freely available without prescription, one of the most popular being known as "Gordon's London Dry Gin'. We note that parents who have consumed a couple of tea mugs of gin are significantly more cheerful and relaxed.   

       Adding Guinness to baby milk treats a number of symptoms that afflict infants, including wind, colic, teething pains, and most importantly being awake.
8th of 7, Sep 08 2019

       //that game/exercise where you picture your younger self, and have to decide what one thing you'd like to tell them // Buy gold.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2019

       Is this a change of policy ?   

       What's happened to "Get hold of more gold by any means, including sending heavily armed thugs round to anyone who's not as well equipped and armed as you and then employ force or threat of the use of force to get their gold, take the gold away to your underground lair, pile it up in a huge heap, and sit on top of it cackling" ?
8th of 7, Sep 08 2019

       //what one thing you'd like to tell them so that their life can turn out better? //   

       Can't think of anything which would have made much of a difference besides what I eventually deduced; "It's not you, it's them, so don't buy in... and yes, you're going to make it past thirty you lucky son of a bitch, so Learn math now dumb-ass or you'll still be playing catch-up at fifty."   

       ...and maybe, in the words of Robert Palmer "A pretty face don't make no pretty heart, so beware that gorgeous blonde. You'll know which one the second you meet her. Really bad time to put your gut-feelings to the test kid."   

       You'd've done better with "buy gold". Possibly "buy gold and avoid paranoia", but that counts as two.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2019

       Heh, neither of those would have done me a lick of good. Both gold and hypochondria are luxuries I had no way of affording.   

       "Don't hock your rare comic collection for fifty bucks." might have helped.   

       woop... beat me to the hypochondria/paranoia change-punch there.   

       Paranoia was a hard-learned life-skill and well worth the learning.   


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