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auto-destruct device

when it's all over...
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this is what we all need: a bomb in every home. and should we ever want to completely 'remodel' it, we can simply push the button and start from scratch. for safety reasons, the button would be placed in the garage, and would have a failsafe 'eye' that could detect whether anything is in the house or not before going awol. it would also need a 20 second timer to let a safe distance be attained prior to explosion. the product would only be sold after being screened for psychological abnormalities [i.e. depression, bipolar, etc.].

i'd buy one.

phylum_sinter, Apr 05 2002

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       Just get a bunch of Insect Fogger, close all the vents and windows - drive to the next county - BLAMMO.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2002

       Just call [AfroAssault]. This is right up his alley.
phoenix, Apr 05 2002

       Make sure to advertise and sell tickets, you could probably fund a portion of your remodelling.
dag, Apr 05 2002


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