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auto styler

the complete hair and beauty package
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The auto styler programme features 3 basic services. The computer would need a few new attachments which would be sold with this unique programme. Basically two robot arms, controlled by the computer to carry out a beauty programme.

1: scan in a photo of yourself the programme will then be able to offer a wide range of hair and (make-up- if you prefer) styles 2: choose the hair style,/make up 3:choose clean teeth option if required 4: Sit extremely still while the robot arms flash around your head and face doing their magic beauty programme

gizmo, Nov 26 2001

Extracting 3D info from photos . . . http://www.realviz....step.php?product=im
A fantastic piece o' software, as is all of this company's products, which are often used in feature film work. [bristolz, Nov 26 2001]

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       It seems to me that the system would need 3D space information to do this without killing you. Three photos minimum, from different viewpoints, would be needed for a system to generate the appropriate 3D "knowledge." Beyond that, there is so much more that would be needed it doesn't seem remotely practical to me (AI, feature recognition, robotic dexterity beyond almost anything I've ever heard of [except maybe surgical robotics], et cetera).

But, if you manage to pull it together, I would want you to be the first try out your gizmo.
bristolz, Nov 26 2001

       The hair and beauty industry pays badly, and yet there are a vast number of people keen to work in it. A robot hairdresser is likely to be far more expensive than a 18 year old girl with few educational qualifications.   

       But I agree it would be a fascinating set of problems to solve: cutting hair robotically would require amazing precision and image recognition technology, and applying make-up would be even harder (just expecting the customer to stay sitting still wouldn't work). But I don't know who'd volunteer to have their eyeliner done by it; a little bit scary, I'd've thought.
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       Read the title wrong and thought it said 'Auto Slayer.'
arora, Nov 26 2001


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