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bobo's baloon bong

crazy hard hitter
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i've never realy tried this befor and it may not work, but if it did, holy shit it would fuck you up. Alright so supplies include 2 2liter soda bottles, duct tape, a balloon, and a bong bowl. Cut a hole in the bottom of one bottle, and make the typical ghetto bong out of the other. The Ghetto bong must be sealed very well hense the duct tape. Then take the bottle with the hole and place the balloon in the bottle through the neck with the open end out. wrap the edge of the balloon around the neck and tape securely then duct tape the two bottle knecks together. A simple whole in the bottom bottle can be used to suck through. Now that you've made the bong get a friend, and by friend i don't mean weed, have your friend suck through the whole in the top as you also suck through the whole in the bottom bottle. Your friend sucking through the top bottle should expand the balloon in the top bottle with smoke. When you see fit, cover the bowl with your thumb or another device and release the carb and your friend sucking the top bottle. This should slam about 4 liters of smoke into your lungs. Suck hard thogh so that you don't lose it out the carb. This may be too much too handle so substituting smaller bottles may work better. sealing the top bottle enough may be hard, any suggestions you have would be welcome, i was stoned when i thought of this, so it might not work at all. My friend is currently working on a labeled diagram to help you understand, it should be posted shortly.
grahamcrackers, Oct 20 2003

Bobo? http://www.kts.vill...kts/photos/bobo.jpg
I don't think he's going to share his bong with you. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

Bobo, Roger http://www.rogerbobo.com/
I imagine he has quite large lungs, I don't know whether 4 liters is reasonable. I never would have guessed him a pot smoker. [swamilad, Oct 04 2004]


       Who is bobo?
phoenix, Oct 20 2003

       Holy shit... Kack Kaugh Kack Koumph Koumph...
Piggie, Oct 20 2003

The idea might be too.

       Hello...milk jug and bucket gravity bong...so much easier to make and only needs one person to operate. milk jug sans bottom, bucket of water or sink or whatever, milk jug cap with hole and down stem. submerge it, cap it, pack it, light it, pull it up slowly (via convenient handle), un cap, cover with mouth and slam it down...wait a few seconds before standing up...seriously
redsimple, Jan 27 2006

       Milk jug and bucket? Never thought of that. I always used a milk jug and my fishtank when I was in school...   

       I think it may have gotten the fish high.   

       Smoking weed is bad for you! Just say NO, kids....
Minimal, Jan 27 2006

       Looks like weed has damaged the spelling centres of the brain.
coprocephalous, Jan 27 2006

       /typical ghetto bong/ - sure, one of those.
bungston, Jan 27 2006


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