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cheap recycleable shoes for the masses of underdeveloped teenage workers of the third world

When life gives you lemons, give up
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I believe there is a viable product in our wasted Arizona ginseng bottles. These seeming indestructible pieces of recyclable litter should be able to be turned into something useful instead of just glass chum used in making more highway pavement. I believe that those wonderful little gems could be mounted to the little feet of the underprivileged by means of double sided tape, or elmers wood glue. I would prefer to use the Arizona bottles with the hand/finger indents for better traction. Some may say my acumen is great, but I just say that’s what I mean when I talk about a sticky situation
spalding, Jun 28 2000


       Why not? Several friends of mine resole their boots with soles made from used tires, and the replacement soles are tougher that the originals.   

       The ginseng-bottle shoes would probably mark up a tile or marble floor pretty badly, though
BigThor, Aug 25 2000

       Sandals made from worn out tires and rope are fairly common in some Central American countries and in Mexico. So even though they're not made of Arizona ginseng bottles, they're still made from something that's clogging up our landfills and is fairly difficult to recycle as well: junk tires.
BigThor, Sep 16 2000

       they would probably float, wouldnt they, thereby giving them the opportunity to cross vast bodies of water and make it to other parts of the world. maybe good to market it as a travel and liesure product.
monty, Sep 17 2000

       Long name - long fishbone.
DesertFox, May 26 2006

       Maybe made a mess of peoples views?
blissmiss, May 16 2011


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