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clappApp - clap community app

Online community claps together, laughs and sighs
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First time you enter the app it leads you through a sequence of recording your clapping with different levels of enthusiasm. Same with laughter and sighing, oohs and aahs, curses and bravo. For sports teams you could listen to a crowd's song and join in with your voice. There are also coughs. And of course there are sets of defaults for male and female voices.

TV programs, zoom meetings and whatsap discussions give you a code say 15-372. You enter the code, and at the end of the concert press BRAVO! or STANDING OVATION, and your voice is added to the others watching now.

With the hands-free edition you simply clap or laugh and a short signal is sent to the server.

In order to avoid the delay, which would make the response sound awkward to everyone else (and to you... you just clapped but hear it only after a second), we overcome that by having the source of the clapping sound from your client app, and the amount of clapping is based on the previous responses of everyone.

The first clap will be heard (when YOU clap) with all the participants as a default, but the next time you will hear only the number of people that clapped around the time you clapped. So if you're the only one who laughed at a certain point, on the second time of the program, only you will hear yourself laughing. But if next time someone else presses laugh, they'll hear two voices.

A laugh/clap recognition mode would make it hands free.

A version which simply sends the signal directly, despite the inherent delay, could be tried with sports games and concerts, and possibly, if it "works", would be adopted by the TV stations as a way to have remote live almost-real-time responses heard by everyone, instead of canned laughter.

This way they could also recieve payed-for live laughter replacing the "Laugh!" signs in the concert halls.

For sports, this is a way to yell and curse, and jump up and down visually. In addition to the audio, you are requested to record yourself jumping up, giving a finger, or V, etc. This is added to a picture of "you" in the crowd, with your face. Creating a "virtual crowd" with the real number of spectators, responding (sadly with a small delay) to the game.

Unique or standard laughter could be bought by people.

A special mode for political meetings could allow heckling.

pashute, May 01 2020

iPPLAUD [xenzag, May 01 2020]


       You could also get one of these. [link idea]
xenzag, May 01 2020

       // hackling //   

       A sinister blend of hacking and heckling ? That's good enough for a bun.
8th of 7, May 01 2020

       corrected. thanks 8th
pashute, May 03 2020


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