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Design improvement for the coat for desk usage
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Generally speaking the coat as we know it is ok. The design has been proved and tested for centuries. However, I find that for the purpose of keeping someone warm while seating at a desk, it may benefit from some improvements. The problem I see with the everyday coat is that they are usually too close to the armpits. Sometimes people find themselves feeling cold on the one hand and with sweaty armpits on the other. This new design would prevent this from happening. So, the idea is that this new coat would still have sleeves, but instead of starting in the armpit area, they would start slightly over the elbow. For a better atmosphere maintenance the jacket would be tight in the waist. An advanced version of this jacket would have different thickness in different areas. The sleeves would be thinner, the chest section would be intermediate and the shoulder and back would be thicker.

Ok, granted that it would probably look ridiculous but it would definitely be much more efficient regarding temperature comfort. I would surely wear one, this bloody office is freezing!!!

PauloSargaco, Oct 23 2007


       I don't think this would look bad at all +
zeno, Oct 24 2007

       //cold on the one hand and with sweaty armpits on the other.// A novel anatomical arrangement.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2007


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