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Arctic Solar Jacket

keeping people on expeditions in cold environments warm at night
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The idea is to have a weatherproof jacket with small solar panels built into it. During the day they will absorb solar energy, and at night can be used as heat energy - thus slightly warming the body temperature. Ideally the panels should be flexible, lightweight and positioned so that can they absorb the maximum amount of light energy (chest and rear shoulders). Within the jacket a black surface radiates the heat energy nearer to the body. Energy storage and transer needs to be efficient, so that energy can be utilised during the night when most needed.
frenetic, Feb 09 2003

Solar Powered Jacket http://slashdot.org...159&tid=184&tid=186
[dumpstergirl, Oct 04 2004]


       In the artic, don't you need all the heat you can get, even during the day? How about you put the solar panels somewhere else, on the back of your igloo, 4x4, or dog-sled, and then plug the charged battery into your pajamas at night?
ootleman, Feb 09 2003

       we are so arty in the artic :)
po, Feb 09 2003

       Hm. Autoboner strikes again?
Corona688, Feb 09 2003

       4 of my 10 ideas have only positive votes. So, it must be that about 40% of the ideas have no fishbones. Then again, I've never been a good representative sample of anything.
half, Feb 09 2003

       My coaster got 3 bones in an hour, and with NO negative comments. It still has a positive rating. Yeah, I'd say Autoboner struck me.
galukalock, Feb 09 2003

       //Autoboner strikes again//   

       Alternative hypothesis: Idea sucks.   

       Reasons: (1) Heavy - concept works well only on buildings (2) Limited storage capacity and efficiency (3) Insulated, dark coloured clothing does the job   

       Vote: neutral (I rarely vote against, unless there is a really really good reason, like a dependency on a peanut-butter powered antigravity drive)
FloridaManatee, Feb 09 2003

       "During the day they will absorb solar energy, and at night can be used as heat energy" - fine, except that the night lasts, what, 6 months?
DrCurry, Feb 09 2003

       A night doesnt last 6 months you complete idiot. Its to provide heat when your body is not moving(when youre asleep). During the day body motion creates heat so it isnt as importnat then.
frenetic, Feb 10 2003

       //A night doesnt last 6 months you complete idiot.// Yes - it does at both the North and South Poles. "Arctic" tends to be reserved for those places on earth north of the Arctic Circle, which experience at least one continuous 24-hour period without sunlight. (Manchester doesn't count, because the sun does shine above all those clouds.) So, in order for your idea's title to be correct, it has to store energy for at least 24 hours, and maybe up to 6 months.
PeterSilly, Feb 10 2003

       6 fishbones for 6 errors in an annotation claiming someone else is an idiot. I can only give one, but it's the thought that counts.
lurch, Feb 10 2003

       Fish fat,sure to keep your tatties warm.
skinflaps, Feb 10 2003

       Hey, I had an idea just like yours, and did a google search to see if it existed.I'm not going to let out important information about my idea, but i've solved a few of your problems. If anyone wants to team toether on a project, I'm avalable at icedrey@aol.com. This jacket may not be useful for an artic expedition, but can for everyday life!
icedrey, Jan 16 2004

       another bone for //you complete idiot// you complete idiot
stilgar, Nov 21 2004


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