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Arm Hole Zippers for Vests

To keep the shoulders warm during arms-in mode
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Sleeveless jackets are good for when you’re cold-but-not-that-cold, especially if you move your arms around a lot; but what do you do when your arms get cold? If you’re like me, you pull them in turtle-style, which works fine except your shoulders are still cold because of the arm holes.

I propose the installation of zippers on the arm openings of all sleeveless outerwear to keep the shoulders warm whenever the arms are pulled in. At least one of the zippers should be teeth-operable.

AO, Apr 30 2004

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One of those evil trees in Central Park. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]


       Maybe you could sell auxiliary arms that zip on. The auxiliary arms could be long enough that your hands will not extend out (so they won't get cold), then the auxiliary arms could be wrapped all the way around the front of the "vest" and tied behind the back of the person wearing it.   

       Don't forget, though, that you will need to be able to zip the zippers from the inside (regardless of whther or not the auxiliary arms are attached) for easy deployment.
Salted Nuts, Apr 30 2004

       what aboot velcro fastening so you can burst out again in dramatic fashion when its warm again ?
etherman, Apr 30 2004

       I like it except for the teeth part. Perhaps you could put the zippers on the inside, so that you’d zip up the left armhole with your right hand, and vice versa. I imagine the look would be a bit mental—like wearing a straight jacket.
ldischler, Apr 30 2004

       Or a strait jacket. +
FarmerJohn, Apr 30 2004

       Well, Google—that final arbiter on common usage—prefers "straight jacket" over either "strait jacket" or straitjacket, by at least two to one.
ldischler, Apr 30 2004

       //...arms-in mode...//
Aaah, the good 'ol days.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 30 2004

       Can't there be a full-turtle mode, with legs-in as well?
ldischler, Apr 30 2004

       [ldischler] "their American" also beats "they're American", but doesn't prove anything.
FarmerJohn, Apr 30 2004

       I wasn’t trying to say I’m right. I was just pointing out that I run with a large and unruly pack of near-illiterates. Best not cross us.
ldischler, Apr 30 2004

       Add sleeves that can be attached using the zipper. That way you keep use of your arms.   

       At the other end you can install an inflateable hand. Great for surprising people, pull arm out, inflate hand, unzip sleeve. "Ahhh, mom, that man just tore off his arm." Gotta watch Harold and Maude again.
kbecker, Apr 30 2004

       // Add sleeves that can be attached using the zipper. //   

       Hm. Thinking about that.. would it be possible? Could the same zipper which closes up itself also be accessible to attach something?
waugsqueke, Apr 30 2004

       Yeah, you could yourself from a tree so the bears don't get you. No, wait, trees don't have zips, do they?
DrCurry, Apr 30 2004

       //trees don't have zips, do they//
Depends on who you talk to. I've heard tell of a rare species which has evolved deep in Central Park, New York (latin name *arboreous zippivoreous*). When unsuspecting local fauna lean drunkenly against its trunk, it sneakily unzips itself from the inside and devours them whole. Is nocturnal. Has never been found anywhere else. Nothing to be afraid of.(heh,heh,heh...)
re; armhole zips: many's the time I've wished for those very devices (+).The only problem arises when people disable the zip opening mechanism while you're zipped up.
blueturtle, Apr 30 2004

       [waugs] The zipper that closes the arm hole hangs on the front, bottom part and attaches the hole's two sides (or front of arm hole with front of sleeve) like a jacket zipper. The other zipper "closer" hangs on the back, bottom of the sleeve zipper. The two then zip on the sleeve and meet at the top.
FarmerJohn, Apr 30 2004

       blueturtle: I think I have a photo of one of those trees.
DrCurry, Apr 30 2004


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