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Cavity-Free Grillz

No more cavities ever again.....in style!
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Gold-plated or diamond-covered retainer grillz...put them on before you eat and now no more pesky teeth brushing ever again...protects against all food fragments...no more rusting..no more cavities...no more looking like a cavity-prone chump at the dinner table... and the ladies always love the grillz.
quantass, Apr 04 2008

Picture of the Prototype http://tinyurl.com/26t94w
[quantass, Apr 04 2008]


       Metal denture-sleeves for your teeth. Why not? Teeth are pretty sharp already, once you got over the learning curve this shouldn't be any more dangerous to your mouth. You could eat olives with impunity, not fearing a stray pit.   

       They would have to be custom-fitted, and probably hinged to slide over your teeth. This means they would be very, very, very expensive. (something similar in plastic costs ~$700)   

       You should still brush your teeth.
GutPunchLullabies, Apr 04 2008

       Perhaps humans could be genetically engineered to have titanium teeth.
Noexit, Apr 04 2008


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