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unsinkable bobber house boat
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Start thinking of boats, houses, houseboats, and the ocean. Now, have you ever seen a bobber? It is always right side up while floating. The top is a dome of clear plexi glass or some super strong transparent material and there are many supports like a bucky ball geo dome thing and depending on how big you can imagine this dome you could have any kind of house you want in it...plants..dogs whatever because the whole thing is sealed tight except for a possible snorkel at the top and an exit at the middle or bottom for your boats or jetskis. The bottom can extend as far down as it needs to as a counter balance to the floating..bobbing..top. In calm water this would be a very stable living space and although you would get tossed around abit in rough water you wont sink. There could be all kinds of wireless technology, computer, cellphone etc. A water jet would push the bobber around a bobber community or away from it. Bobber stores, it would be an awesome place to live....
obesemind, Aug 05 2005

Celestopea Sea Domes http://www.celestopea.com/Designs.htm
Some similarities in common with this visionary's home plans and ideas for a community of floating bobber houses. Pictures are near the bottom of the article. [jurist, Aug 05 2005]

Sphere Floating Habitat http://www.poolrafts.com/717.html
Bobberhouse for the man on a very tight budget. [jurist, Aug 05 2005]


       Baked. This is a houseboat.   

       Though, a really freakin' awesome one, if my imagination dosen't fail me.
daseva, Aug 05 2005

       If the whole dome were a sphere, then the 'ground' that the house is resting on could ride on ball bearings or something else which would allow it to roll freely inside the dome.
This could stop the ride being so bumpy in stormy weather, and if it were possible to power the spinning of them then it could be used as propulsion, as long as the dome had protrusions on it so that whatever way it spins it would move in the desired direction.
Of course I can't really say how air would get in.
fridge duck, Aug 06 2005

       The Celestopea link is rather similar to my idea and is a very cool link I would not have looked for. As such I advise anyone looking to leave an idea at the halfbakery to try and find it on the net first.
obesemind, Aug 08 2005

       <Off Topic>I wish the person who is placing flags on each and every posted link on the recent ideas would stop this irritating practice. The flags are meant to signal to the link's poster or to a moderator that the link does not work properly as written so that it can be corrected or updated, or eliminated if unable to be corrected. Each flagged post must be individually re-opened and checked to make sure that it opens properly, that it has some relation to the posted idea or the annotations, and that the link has not gone stale or expired. Checking improperly flagged links is a tremendous waste of time and effort. Flags are not meant to act as some kind of personal check-off system to indicate that you've read the link.<Off Topic>
jurist, Aug 08 2005

       [jurist] What flags?
Zimmy, Aug 08 2005

       Those little question marks between parentheses that you see appended to each link... like the links at the left, [Zimmy].
jurist, Aug 08 2005

       Well you can always de-flag them yourself.
pooduck, Aug 08 2005

       You are missing the point of the flag system, [pooduck]. But thank you for removing the flags on the links in this post. Now go back and remove the fifty or so flags posted on other links during the last week that I didn't yet remove. (I've easily removed five dozen inappropriate flags elsewhere.)
jurist, Aug 08 2005

       I've noticed this and am investigating. Looks like a prefetching browser that is accessing all the links from a page, and a non-protocol adherent halfbakery that takes actions in response to what should be read accesses. Bad programmer, no bisquit.   

       I blocked prefetching by adding the magic incantation   

       # Block prefetching
RewriteCond %{HTTP:x-moz} ^prefetch
RewriteRule .* - [F]

       to my apache configuration file. Not sure why the offending client's accesses (it's coming in as Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/106.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/100.1) don't match that.
jutta, Aug 09 2005

       //If the whole dome were a sphere, then [the house] could ride on ball bearings ... and if it were possible to power the spinning of them then it could be used as propulsion//   

       And when not needed for propulsion, the same (presumably electric) system could be used to generate power.   

BunsenHoneydew, Jul 27 2006

       Would storms be terrible? They seem to be in my imagination. Although I agree you would never sink. (+)   

       My bobberhome will be transparent 3 or 4 feet down below the waterline at points so I can look underwater.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 27 2006


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