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dolphin meme

Teach wild dolphins to jump nets
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I happened to view 'The Cove' the other day and warning, this is not a Saturday night light entertainment. It is about Taiji dolphin hunters. The hunting part is a misnomer in all respects.

Why not use trained Dolphins to create memes that will help the survival of the wild Dolphins. I was thinking training grounds in migratory paths that the interested wild Dolphins can come and investigate and pick up some new skills. Maybe, a bit of tasty fish for incentive.

These skills could include desensitization to sound herding poles and methods to escape nets. Dolphins have the power to leap a net just not the technique. I'm sure Cetacean researchers could come up with a simple net crossing technique that the dolphins can use in a life or death situation. Maybe plank vertically in the air and fall across net?

Come on wild dolphins, plank for life.

wjt, Jan 20 2018

Is my proposal in the running? Dolphin_20Innovation_20Challenge
An idea for increasing innovations with respect to Dolphins. [wjt, Jan 20 2018]


       Robotic dolphin that wants to be caught, with a bit of C4 in the middle...
RayfordSteele, Jan 20 2018

       [Rayford] I don't like the instantaneous negative of that reply.
wjt, Jan 22 2018

       I was thinking this might be about super pleasant super enjoyable to the dolphins Memes (Dawkins variety) that autopropagate among dolphins. One possibility is playing dolphins say 700 different 60-90s song intos, and choruses, and seeing which ones they sing to themselves or sing back. That could be a starting point on encouraging dolphins to sing. Then, you could use a genetic algorithm to generate new intro sounds and choruses, and see if any were super appealing to the dolphins.   

       Scientists could measure, and be pleased at, not only voluntary dolphin singing of music, but finding out when they made up variations, that is, dolphins composed music.   

       It might at first seem like dolphins might have their own pre-existing form of music, it is just that various Western forms of music (classical; Pachelbels Canon for Dolphins), and 60-90s top 10 music reached across many cultures to become popular. So, dolphins might like it.   

       Also, I seem to remember reading that dolphin communication can represent 3D shapes; that is, like a volumetric finite element analysis (FEA) model; dolphins might make 3D classical music if introduced to it.   

       After identifying dolphin songs, and song intro variations, versions could be made of dolphin songs for humans to enjoy.   

       As to the creation of 3D FEA dolphin memes, computers could assist with that, like genetic algorithm variations on seeing an enjoyable plurality of fish or sexual play; as well as come-hither vocalizations of dolphins prior to sex, and sex play. the genetic algorithm, and software might repeat motifs spatially (more fish; more sex; more good mood) sort of tesselating things dolphins like.   

       Also, they could feed dolphins MDMA, spatially record their vocalizations, and use those happy vocalizations as a genetic algorithm basis to develop Happy dolphin phraseology for use in producing autopropagating memes and what might become dolphin song lyrics.
beanangel, May 08 2021


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