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dorsal fin condoms

makes your penis look like an aquatic creature!
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Brightly-colored (glow in the dark?) condoms with a cool-looking shark-like dorsal fin on top. They should also feature a musical computer chip that plays the theme from Jaws. Use in action only if the partner is willing!
mrthingy, Aug 25 2000

Kokigami - Origami Costuming for, uh, Ahem... http://www.sepulchr...etwo/kookigami.html
Not condoms, but there's animals and other disguises to use! [quanta, Aug 25 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       definitely glow in the dark - no need for the brown paper bag - for either - you got a problem ian? ta for kokigami link - love it
frances, Sep 01 2000

       Once, at Geisel Library at UCSD, I found a book all about dildos which included a picture of a Shamu dildo, with fins and everything.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005

       "Du du..... dudu.. dudu... dudududududu YESSS!!!!!" Jacque Cousteau's prime choice of condom
robbie the rocker, Dec 22 2005


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