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dust bomb

better cleaning through more dirt
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Two problems with regular thorough housecleaning:

- It's hard to know what you've hit and what you haven't. Dirt and grease and grime slowly build up in spots you miss, only to be discovered later.

- Motivation. 'Nuff said.

The Dust Bomb releases vast quantities of grimy (but non-toxic and harmless) dust in your house, coating every single surface. After you set off a Dust Bomb, two things are true. First, now you *have* to clean house. ("Throw your hat over the fence"?) Second, it is now *very easy* to see what you've cleaned and what you haven't. Once you've finished cleaning up the dust, you will have gotten everything else, too.

egnor, Oct 27 2001


       Baked if you live in lower Manhattan.
snarfyguy, Oct 28 2001

       Better purpose of this invention would be to send as a unlabeled gift to someone you know loathes to clean.
MySoulWanders, Feb 18 2005


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