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Dirt Devil

Dances in the dust.
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Flies about the home, landing atop flat surfaces within a predetermined size range. Operates automatically and autonomously, like a tiny flying Roomba, about the size of one of those indoor helictopter toys. Measures dust levels on each surface, possibly by syncing with a Dustometer, and draws funny images in the dust. If the dust has reached a certain thickness, it spells out mildly insulting phrases.
21 Quest, Dec 06 2009

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       I think it would be VERY tough to make, but I'm just intrigued by a machine that you buy just to insult you. (+)
MisterQED, Dec 06 2009

       What I like most about it is that doesn't clean up your home for you, thus encouraging a life of sloth and laziness. It motivates a homeowner to keep the place tidied up, especially if the homeowner is one who entertains regularly, or brings a lot of dates home. How embarassing would it be to walk into your home with guests in tow, thinking your Roomba's gonna have the floors so shiny they won't notice an even coating of dust on the shelves, only for your guests to make disdainful comments and turn up their noses at the immature graffiti in the dust?
21 Quest, Dec 06 2009

       It could draw little pentagrams and skulls and write "REDRUM" and cackle manaically ... [+]
8th of 7, Dec 07 2009

       Make it run silently, and I'll buy a dozen and release them in the homes of people I don't like.
kaz, Dec 07 2009

       Why land? Just feather the skids, possibly the blades, and have it buzz the surfaces.
wjt, Dec 07 2009

21 Quest, Dec 07 2009


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