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Cute Little Dust Mob

More 'chins' than Chinese air ducts. Or anybody else's airducts for that matter.
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So I was hanging out today with some friends that had some filthy air ducts. Their filters always clog-up in short order and their chinchillas always seem to wanna hide under the fridge. Which mysteriously has become one of the cleanest, dust-free places in the house.

Enter our Cute Little Dust Mob. A small horde for hire, actually. Seeing as how Chinchillas need regular dust baths and I need to regularly bathe my ducting, we've now got quite the symbiotic scheme.

On site technicians bring many of these adorable, well trained little rodents (depending on how large a system you're trying to clean) and unleash them from the farthest ends of the system working twards where the filter or filters lie. Seeing as how the intakes are usually the largest parts of the system, place a soft terrycloth catch hammock beneath, and let these little guys work their way twards what ever reward they've been trained to accept.

Now while training can prepare these little guys for small, simple ducting systems, I understand the possibility exists that occasionally you'd get one, two, or the whole horde lost or unwilling to come out. But using the techniques employed by Dave Honaker in sucking prarie dogs out of the ground, the same techniques can be employed to extract the stubborn rodents back out of the duct work.

In, out and happy chinchillas all in one visit. Schedule soon, and often. We're tired of having them camp under the refridgerator.

Letsbuildafort, Dec 07 2005

Dave Honaker's Handy Work http://www.cnn.com/...12/16/sucking.dogs/
[Letsbuildafort, Dec 07 2005]

(?) Training Chinchillas http://www.oxfordch...illas.com/train.htm
[Letsbuildafort, Dec 07 2005]

(?) Chinchilla Dust Bathing http://members.aol.com/sirchin/chin1.htm
[Letsbuildafort, Dec 07 2005]

(?) What The Heck Are Chinchillas? http://members.aol....irchin/chininfo.htm
[Letsbuildafort, Dec 07 2005]

Street sweeper http://www.motionpi...rer.com/brent.6.gif
[normzone, Dec 09 2005]


       Heh, neat. I imagine someone standing in front of a open airduct bellowing wolf(chinchilla) whistles and shouting "Oi you little chintas get your arses outa there!"
skinflaps, Dec 07 2005

       That guy with the vacuum doesnt look very gentle, is that hose attached to a wood chipper?
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005

       They say the hose is connected to a converted street sweeper. Dunno how safe those are.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 08 2005

       Anybody, regardless of profession, who has been converted, is usually as dangerous as any other lunatic. And a street sweeper would have a broom.   

       Or by "street sweeper" do you mean the automatic shotgun? Not safe at all.   

       I think you would not be able to vacuum chinchillas out of an air duct. They'd have to be almost touching the sides. They'd also have to be touching the sides and top to get everything clean.   

       May I suggest geckos dressed in little fuzzy outfits?
baconbrain, Dec 08 2005

       Oh geckos - so cute
gorjabuble, Dec 09 2005

       Wait 'til you see them in little chinchilla coats.
baconbrain, Dec 12 2005

       they can remote control mice now. Why not the chinchillas?
daseva, Dec 12 2005

       It has been a while, [Letsbuildafort]! I was under the impression that chinchillas were immensely stupid and liked to jump high in the air. True?
bungston, Dec 12 2005

       True, true, but its not like we're asking them to play tic-tac-toe or a tune on a cute little Chinchilla-sized piano. They can use the dust in my ventilation system a little better than I can, though.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 01 2006

       Chins dust bathe in order to clean, and thus asking them to bathe in dirt is counterlogical. Also, chinchillas are too cute to be exploited. Also, they don't like rolling in much except their special ash dust. Also, lacks RFID.   

       However - bun for simply mentioning chinchillas.
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006


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