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How to make under-fives earn their keep
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It's quite simple to instil a sense of endeavour and cleanliness into young children. Simply attach dusters to their hands, elbows and kness and let them crawl around the floor for a few hours. Works best on polished wooden surfaces, but let's not quibble.

For the really adventurous, try attaching some sort of cleaning fluid dispenser to the child so that it can spray and wipe clean in a single pass. This can be particularly useful in a bath or shower cubicle.

Banish the drudge of housework!

ajt, Oct 17 2000

For LoriZ http://www.pitt.edu...chindogu/chin5.html
[StarChaser, Oct 17 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       ... which is a fine place to be, by comparison.
egnor, Oct 17 2000

       I wonder if pets could also be enlisted to the effort.
LoriZ, Nov 10 2001

       why stick to your own home? send them out to clean other people's houses and earn some dosh.
po, Nov 10 2001

       LoriZ: Yes. By one cheesed-off cat.
StarChaser, Nov 11 2001


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