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easy reading Geneva Convention for children

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I was shocked today, seeing my children and their cousins playing a pretend 'war' game in their garden. I was not shocked that they were shooting each other with a variety of cap guns, but at the lack of respect showed to the conventions of warfare. For example, there was a tendency to not even grimace with pain when shot but to just carry on as normal, and once I saw a child being shot even after she had put her hands up in surrender. What's needed is a Geneva Convention to cover the special circumstances of childrens' warfare, with rules for goodies and baddies, special rules if using caps, etc. Then, on seeing a contravention of these rules, a responsible adult can swiftly convene a mini International Court, with powers to withold pudding privileges, etc.
hippo, Aug 18 2007

Torture on TV http://www.newyorke...070219fa_fact_mayer
article about "24" [bungston, Aug 18 2007]


       Plugging someone surrendering seems fine to me, but this business of not showing pain has got to stop.
ldischler, Aug 18 2007

       Let us not forget the Geneva Convention of practical jokes - no chemicals.
normzone, Aug 18 2007

       Baked in my house of 7 boys. Sometimes I tire of being secretary general.
globaltourniquet, Aug 18 2007

       This is funny, but on another level deadly serious. Right and wrong has got to start somewhere.
bungston, Aug 18 2007

       Give one to Bush. Better yet, have Laura read it to him.
nuclear hobo, Aug 19 2007

       ya, then we can have a constitution for them that says they have to be just like grownup's the day there born. it's called pretend for a reason. i don't think there pretend war is about right and wrong but just about getting outside and playing with friends. there's nothing wrong with not showing pain at least I've never read it anywhere.
F_R_O_G, Aug 19 2007

       Bang bang, F_R_O_G, you're dead. Lay down! Lay down, no fair!   

       (why did I shoot you? here's a clue: "Are they there?" "Yes, they're there")
globaltourniquet, Aug 19 2007

       What ever happened to "All's fair in love and war" ?   

       Kinda like the idea in terms of teaching kids something, but do we need to impose red-tape on their game play? - they'll encounter that soon enough.   

       Is there a rule about someone being Switzerland and getting to plunder wealth and stolen artifacts? Don't recall anyone trying that in our childhood wargames, but it'd be funny to watch.
Hairy Sock, Aug 19 2007

       Excellent - "Erm, so, are you a goodie or a baddie?" - "Neither. I'm Switzerland. Just leave your valuables with me while you play."
hippo, Aug 19 2007


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