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Place multiple web/TV accessible cameras inside your nice new fridge.
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So, every now and then I get up, wander over to the fridge, open it and have a look. I'm not really looking for anything in particular, perhaps I'm hoping that someone has used the genuine Holy Grail and some cling film to store some left over chilli, I'm not sure. I've also observed that this is not an uncommon phenomenon. This is a tremendous effort put in by the millions of aimless fridge perusers on a daily basis. This can all be solved by the addition of cameras to the fridge. Cameras are now cheap, there's a reasonable one on my $30 cell phone, and there's a cell phone included with that. So why not have a wide angle lens-equipped camera in the back of the door, and maybe one for the salad tray and another facing the door from the back*. This would all be linked up to the TV in your lounge, so during an inconvenient ad-break you could have a look in your fridge... helpfully the fridge light would detect you tuning in and turn on. Then you may remain seated, perhaps taking a little time to tune in to MicrowaveCam or OvenCam to see how your culinary masterpiece is coming along. Usefully, this would be internet enabled, so you could check on the amount of milk/eggs you have in while at work.

*added access monitoring feature to discover who is really stealing your precious ham and putting the orange juice back with a precariously seated cap.

bs0u0155, Nov 27 2011

Fridgecam [swimswim, Nov 27 2011]


       Ardd beat you to it (link).
swimswim, Nov 27 2011

       Ha! dammit, even the same name, great minds and the like, will delete.
bs0u0155, Nov 28 2011

       On the other hand, I think the idea of a line of Holy Grail Tupperware is brilliant.
hippo, Nov 28 2011

       //Usefully, this would be internet enabled, so you could check on the amount of milk/eggs you have in while at work.//   

       Or better yet, as you're shopping, with the picture viewable on your cell phone.
phundug, Nov 28 2011

       Of course, a hilarious prank would be to pipe in a fake photo showing the refrigerator full of milk and eggs, but when the mark gets home he realizes there is no such thing in there :)
phundug, Nov 28 2011

       A more hilarious prank would be to show a video of the owner's pet trapped inside. Or, if that seems excessive, the spontaneous generation of some be- tentacled monster from a mouldy lump of Gruyere.
mouseposture, Nov 28 2011


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