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galactic golf

golf all year round in black lights
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i was playing golf with my brother the other day and he was using a glow in the dark ball cuase we were playing twilight and we were discussing ways to play all year round or at night and we came up with the idea of a completely indoor course with only black lights and glowballs now it would contain all ur normal features sand,water hazards rough,fair ways and putting greens but think of the possiblities glowing sand traps,black light illuminated water hazards with fish in them, no more sunburn from the heat of the day, no insects, no rain and in colder areas like here in the northeastern united states we cant golf all year round like the south so you would have a tourist attraction and something the locals would use all year
gilbertthegreat, Apr 17 2006

Please see: "I Beat Pete - Lights Off Golf Challenge." http://www.kcbd.com...ategory.asp?C=64271
VideO. [Letsbuildafort, Apr 17 2006]

Paradise in Germany? http://www.theage.c...ideweb__430x284.jpg
[daseva, Apr 17 2006]

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       Widley known to exist excluding the trees and water. Its just mini-golf indoors under blacklights. They even have it in Metro Center Mall back in Phoenix, but with a funny name ... here they call it "Lights Off Golf."   

       I even got a link there with some video.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 17 2006

       To simulate this cheaply and perhaps get a free round in at a closed course, you could put a torch or strobe in the hole and use a ball painted with glow paint. You could either use the radioactive type which glows all the time or use the more common paint that 'stores' light. You probably need a few of these balls that you'd keep in a pouch which had a torch in.
marklar, Apr 17 2006

       Well, these are all good ideas. I think a great place to do something like this would be a place like that zepplin shop over in germany. linkie.
daseva, Apr 17 2006

       Sand traps? This is obviously a pedant trap.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 17 2006

       I would like to see this played within an actual zeppelin, in space, with zero gravity, except for the mild coriolis forces brought about by its gentle rotation.
zen_tom, Apr 17 2006


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