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glowaround cones

those fluorescent magic slate vinyls viewed sideways pipe light, just wrap cones n barrels with them to make the entire marker circumfrence have a visible part
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The reader has likely seen those fluorescent vinyl magic slates. viewed sideways these vividly pipe light, just wrap cones n barrels with a similar material to make the entire marker have a visible part all the way around

occassionally when walking towards traffic during the evenings through road construction I see bright headlights yet the glare makes the cones n barrels less visible, the fluorescent vinyl wraparound light pipe would give those facing oncoming traffic the ability to also see road markers

also just as some plastic containers (motor oil) are made with a transparent part during molding I think the cones n barrels could actually just be cast with a fluorescent vinyl light pipe

beanangel, Apr 04 2012


       Could we write graffiti messages on them? (+)
normzone, Apr 04 2012

       Once I understood this post (somewhere around the fourth or fifth reading), I realized that is a very good idea. Prohibitively expensive for use in municipal and private construction, but a good idea nonetheless. Have a bun, [beany].
Alterother, Apr 04 2012


       Okay, this actually is a good idea once you understand it. (Took me four or five readings too)   

       Translation: Wrap a "light pipe" around traffic cones and barrels so that they have a transparent bit, to make them more easily visible in heavy glare. I think.   

       Not sure what a "flourescent magic slate vinyl" is, though.
Hive_Mind, Apr 06 2012

       sure why not [+}
FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2012

       Do car headlights have enough short wavelengths to cause a decent amount of fluorescence? I merely ask. HID and halogen might.
spidermother, Apr 06 2012

       I think I know the "slates" xe is referring to: they don't technically fluoresce I believe; they gather light falling on their faces and reflect it internally to the edges, where it escapes in a concentrated glow. I'm not sure how one would wrap this around a cylindrical or conical object in any useful fashion though [ ]
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 07 2012


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