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More Left or Right

Left or Right side - better signage
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Another holiday, another bad experience dealing with drive on the left in Britain, drive on the right abroad. Something more modest this time.....

Whichever side of the channel you're on, there's a few signs around reminding you of which side to drive on locally. Make them better, by redesigning them as 3D signs with a clear local character.... entering France, you'd be reminded to conduire a gauche by a Beret-equipped onion-peddlar holding his bicycle in one hand and the sign in the other. The British ones could be Harry Potter lookalikes, bowler-hatted businessmen with briefcases, etc.

To make them more fun, add animatronic functions from Disney's "it's a small world" ride.

sstvp, Apr 11 2009

"Wrong Side" Driver Training _22Wrong_20Side_22_20Driver_20Training
Maybe this would help... [csea, Apr 11 2009]


       A particularly dense acquaintance of mine once asked me how I coped riding a motorbike in the UK and also the rest of Europe. I think my reply works in this case as well – I simply drive to avoid hitting the oncoming traffic (although in Italy to do this you need to stay at home). I must admit I have been caught out in the US, on finding myself at a T junction onto a road that I thought wide enough for at least 4 lanes I turned left on the right most lane, only to find that all four lanes were heading towards me and that there was in fact another 4 lanes going the other way hidden by the vegetation I have mistaken for the side of the road. So extra signs help. Possibly signage in left side driving places could have green boarders to signify you are driving on the correct side of the road and right side driving places could have red boarders to signify the incorrect side is being used. And the colour blind to be banned from having a licence to drive?
eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 11 2009

       See how confusing it is? I'm the first person to notice that the onion peddlar should be exhorting you to conduire a droite.
sstvp, Apr 11 2009

       Old (bad) joke:   

       Passenger: Why are you driving on the wrong side of the road?   

       Driver: Just in case someone else is coming the other way on the wrong side of the road.   

       Passenger: But who could possibly be doing that?   

       Driver: My brother. He has the same theory.
spidermother, Feb 04 2011

       //a vegetated median //
Shirley MacLaine?
coprocephalous, Feb 04 2011

       I do seem to recollect the Reverse-O-Screen being posted on here by some lunatic (myself).   

       It was a camera on the front of the car, a flat-screen monitor that sits on the dashboard and a video converter that switches the left and right sides of the image over.   

       So, you go to [other side of the road country] hit the switch and, it's just like driving on the side you're used to. End of problem.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 04 2011

       You would also have to reverse the direction of the steering - turn the wheel left to turn the car right which would give the appearance on the screen of turning left. Or just drive backwards.
spidermother, Feb 04 2011

       //You would also have to reverse the direction of the steering//   

       Yes, the original idea did have the Reverse-O-Wheel attachment as well. Deranged, but thorough, that's me.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 04 2011


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