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immunize against tattoos to get rid of them

Laser tattoo removal causes the immune system to glom ink particles; a supplemental immunization could amplify that effect many times over.
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I think tattoos reduce the natural beauty of the human body and urge people to avoid getting them. I favor tattoo removal.

I read that laser tattoo removal causes the immune system to scavenge ink particles.

Immunizing people creates antibodies, and the antibodies glom onto their target. Could an immunization to ink particles, or one of their constituent chemicals, make tattoo removal faster or better?

It is possible that with 5-20x the anti-ink antibodies circulating the laser tattoo removal could be many times more effective with fewer treatments and better results.

It is possible that a pharmaceutical company could make lots of money from such an immunization during the 21st century.

beanangel, Nov 19 2018


       [beany], I knew it!
whatrock, Nov 19 2018

       Low heaven tea.
pashute, Nov 19 2018

       I think that tattoo ink is actually retained as granules within dermal cells. If so, it won't be very easy to get rid of it. If antibodies pick up ink particles after lasering, it's only because the laser has fried the cell that contained the ink.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2018


       Phased plasma dermabrader in the 40-watt range.   

whatrock, Nov 19 2018


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