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Mole Map

Aid to Cancer Diagnosis
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How often have you looked at your arm/leg/torso/back (delete as appropriate) and said to yourself, "I don't remember having that mole, I wonder how long that has been there? Maybe I've got a melanoma"? I know I have but not anymore because I have the Mole Map. It comes in a package similar to the sewing patterns your big sister had at school and, when you open it out, it is a life-sized diagram of the whole body. The idea is that you (with the aid of a friend) mark onto this sheet all your existing moles and freckles. Then, at a later date, when you 'spot' something you didn't think you had before you have a reference to go back to for re-assurance that you've always had that skull shaped blemish on your right shoulder. At the very least this is a perfect excuse for getting naked with someone you love.
Karnuvap, Sep 04 2007

Could this possibly double as a mole map? Nudist_20Cosy
Shameless self-promotion [squeak, Sep 04 2007]

Mole Map http://www.molemap.co.nz/
[Texticle, Sep 04 2007]

Mole Safe http://www.molesafe.com/
[Texticle, Sep 04 2007]

More moles can be a good thing. http://news.bbc.co..../health/6285610.stm
BBC News story. It seems that the more moles you have the longer you are likely to live. It was on the BBC so it must be true! [DrBob, Sep 05 2007]


       There are companies that already offer this type of service. Its not exactly the same, but pretty similar: They store digital photographs of your skin and monitor mole progression.   

       The fact that there are people in business doing this does show you have a good idea!
DrWotsit, Sep 04 2007

       My dermatologist does that. He photographs all body surfaces following some protocol, then marks all the spots that should be monitored. On later sessions those annotated pics are used as a map to look for new or altered moles.
loonquawl, Sep 04 2007

       I assume you can define and name your own "constellations" to refer to the location of new moles.
phundug, Sep 04 2007

       Strange you should mention that, [phundug]. I very recently discovered a perfect Orion's Belt on my fella's upper arm in "negative" moles (i.e. those circular white marks which only show up when you have a tan - probably scars from insect bites).
squeak, Sep 04 2007

       Even the name is baked.   

       Good idea though.
Texticle, Sep 04 2007

       Take your own digital photographs (it's easier with some help) every few years.   

       For what it's worth [elhigh], I read somewhere that mineral oil on a mole lets you see into it with proper lighting.
baconbrain, Sep 04 2007

       perhaps an escort service could provide this as an extra...   

       very nice, I had a friend whose daughter spotted a naughty mole and saved her mother's life.   

       welcome to the halfbakery, Karnu.
po, Sep 04 2007

       Ah. I thought this was for making one's avatar more lifelike.
DrCurry, Sep 04 2007


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