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moisturizing concrete

Make a sidewalk and get smooth, silky skin.
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A moisturizing solution is mixed into every bag to prevent the typical dryness which results from extended contact with concrete, leaving construction workers more comfortable and the adventurous a new skin therapy.
oatcake, Jun 25 2003


       You wouldn't want to leave the facial-cement pack on for too long.
Trodden, Jun 25 2003

       My hangnails thank you for caring.   

       I thought you were supposed to use rubber gloves when mixing cement?
DrCurry, Jun 25 2003

       You got my croissant for an idea that would allow for modification to deal with the freeze/thaw cycle in cold weather countries. So now how DO you use your moisturizing concrete for this fine, worthwhile use.
thecat, Jun 25 2003

       You are supposed to wear rubber gloves when mixing up concrete products but frankly it's a pain in the ass and besides if you don't expose them to its caustic properties your hands don't toughen up.   

       Madge: "Palmconcrete softens hands while you do the patio."
thumbwax, Jun 26 2003

       "Does your patio have rough, flaky edges? Is your driveway scratchy and irritable? Does your sidewalk have ugly red splotches? Then use PALMCONCRETE, and nurture the concrete in your life. With Aloe for extra softness."
DrCurry, Jun 26 2003

       //if you don't expose them to its caustic properties your hands don't toughen up// - exactly what the first few people said as they immersed their hands in hydrochloric acid.
PeterSilly, Jun 26 2003

       Much more convienient to buy a bottle of moistuerizer, then you can share the bottle too!
DarkRanger, Jun 26 2003

       Ah, but the rubber gloves eventually fill up with concrete anyway, after you snag that nail with your thumb. My favorite trick is to run a few gallons from the pumper hose into my oversized rubber boots as I'm tripping over the forms. So I finish the job barefoot. Man that hurts. And the hand lotion just keeps soaking in for days.
oxen crossing, Jun 26 2003

       //the Cement in concrete is designed to dry out//

Don’t be silly. Cement has to stay wet or it won’t get hard. Hummm, does that sound right?
pluterday, Jun 26 2003

       Takes time to dry that is...?
DarkRanger, Jun 26 2003

       Nice idea, I'm getting chapped toes from mixing cement with my feet.
FloridaManatee, Jun 27 2003

       [pluterday}, you're right. concrete hardening is actually a chemical reaction requiring water. To reach full strength the concrete needs to stay wet for the better part of 7 days. Full cure is 28 days. If you let it dry in hot sun the first day, it will still get hard, using the orignial water in the mix, but it will cure to something less than full strength. Concrete even cures well totally submerged. This is all anecdotal knowledge from talking to an civil engineer on a construction site as I filled my boots with concrete.
oxen crossing, Jun 27 2003

       Funny thing about dogs, they have to stick their feet in wet cement. Kats are much more considerate. Funny that.
The Kat, Jun 27 2003

       The roughness only lasts for about a week after that your skin is nice and smooth agian. And they usually remeber to wear glooves the second time.
wood2coal, Jul 20 2003

       Ah must git summa dose gloove things. Mah han's are jist too ruff.
PeterSilly, Jul 21 2003


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